Madi M.
Madi has a lot of fun hobbies such as softball, basketball, and taking photos. Madi's birthday is January 30, 2006. Somethings Madi dislikes: are shrimp, rainy days, long chapter books, cats, pumpkin scent, and dark orange. Madi has one brother named Griffin and he is 18. The most important thing in Madi's life is getting first honors and helping the community. Madi's  favorite movie is Star Wars VII. Madi's most favorite book and author is Really Professional Internet By-JennXPenn. Madi's favorite food is mac-n-cheese. Also, her favorite social media are Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, and Twitter. Last but not least her favorite animal is a dog.

Madi M. , Photographer

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Madi M.