Tabby B. – Feature/Fiction Writer
Tabby is the Feature/Fiction Writer for our school newspaper. Her favorite food is Cheez-its. Tabby’s favorite subject is math because her sister has taught her several things for math and she enjoys it now. Her favorite animal is an ostrich because they run fast and they look cute. Her favorite activity is basketball. Tabby loves Garfield books because they are funny and they make her feel a lot happier when she is sad. Her favorite movie is Minions . Tabby has two cats. One is six months old, and one is two years old. Her favorite games are Sushi Go and The Oregon Trail. If Tabby could get another pet, it would be a dog. Tabby’s least favorite food is corn. “I like this job,” she says. Tabby is very creative and loves to draw and craft. 

Tabby B., Feature/Fiction Writer

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