2019-2020 Staff

Michael S.

Entertainment Reporter

Michael is a 5th grade student at Woodbury Heights Elementary School in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey. He wants to be an inventor when he grows up because he likes to build and create stuff that everyone can use.  Michael lov...

Chase C.

Entertainment Reporter

Chase C. is a 5th grader in Woodbury Heights Elementary School. He loves squirrels. In his free time, his favorite thing to do is to play Fortnite.  When he gets older, he wants to be a game designer. Chase’s long-term goal is tha...

Stella K.

Entertainment Reporter

Stella K. is a 5th grader at Woodbury Heights Elementary School. The most important thing you should know about her is that she likes Blobfish. Stella likes to play Fortnite in her free time. Interestingly, she has never had her heart bro...

Lucas D

Entertainment Reporter

Lucas D. is an Entertainment Reporter at Woodbury Heights Elementary School’s Heights Herald. He likes to play the trumpet and he likes turtles and loves to relax. He loves playing video games in his spare time. His favorite...

Gracie B.

Entertainment Reporter

Gracie Bonnette is a 6th grader at Woodbury Heights Elementary School in  Woodbury Heights, New Jersey. Her Job in the Heights Herald is a Entertainment Reporter. She needs to make sure She entertains a ages and people. Her ...

Brise H.

News Reporter

Brise H. is a student in Woodbury Heights Elementary School student. Even though he’s in fifth grade he knows he wants to play professional soccer. In Brise’s free time, he plays video games, soccer, and watches Marvel movi...

Weston P.

Sports Reporter

Weston P. is caring, kind, happy, and loves sports. He loves to draw sports logos and sometimes makes up his own logos. Outside of school, he plays flag football, baseball, and street hockey. One of his traditions during Christ...

Kimmie B.

Entertainment Editor

Kimmie B.   Kimmie B. a 6th grade student in Woodbury Heights Elementary school in New Jersey. Her position in Heights Herold is,  an entertainment reporter. Her responsibility for the Heights Herald is to wright d...

Zachary B.

Sports Editor

Zachary is a student at Woodbury Heights Elementary School located in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey. He is in 6th grade and is 11 years old. He talks a lot, really likes sports, likes helping people, and has a caring family. I...

Alton R

Sports Editor

Alton R is a sixth grader in WHES and his job in the heights harold is Sports Editor and his responsibilities are to write about sports news. Alton loves Gym because he gets a lot of exercise and plays fun games. He enjoys pl...

Billy B.

sports reporter and illustrator

Billy B is a 6th grade student at Woodbury Heights Elementary. His favorite subject in school is computer class because he really likes technology. Billy likes to play sports like flag football and baseball with his friends. ...

Isabella E.


Leah S.

News Editor

Leah S. is a 5th grade student at Woodbury Heights Elementary School, in New Jersey. She is also the…………...of the Heights Herald. Her favorite subjects are Science and Math Lab. Leah’s favorite food is pizza and her fav...