Nick T
Tommy H. is a 6th grader that is 12 years old, he likes the color black. When Tommy has time to hangout he likes to play football with his friends. Tommy has three types of pets he has 2 dogs, a snake, and a lot of fish. Greenday & Twentyone Pilots are Tommy’s favorite bands. In school Tommy prefers genius hour then STEM as his favorite subject. When Tommy has free time at home he likes to play PS4 with Jonathan D, Rony E, Andrew R, and sometimes Nick T. Some of Tommy’s friends are Jonathan, Nick, Rony, Brendan, Charlie, Robbie, Brandyn, and a couple of friends from different towns. There are 5 people that live in Tommy's household. Tommy's favorite game on PS4 is Rainbow Six Siege. Tommy's favorite food is a buffalo chicken wrap. When Tommy goes out he likes to go to the mall with family and friends. Tommy likes the movie 21 Jumpstreet. Tommy's favorite type of shoe is converse because he wears them. Tommy said if he could move anywhere in the world he would move to L.A. because of the beach

Nick T, Reporter