Bellarose B.
Bellarose B. is a 12 year old girl who lives in 6th grade. She lives in a family of 5, as stated by Bellarose “Craig is 14 years old and Caleb is almost 2 years old.” Bellarose also said she has a dog. The dog’s name is Mojo, he is a chihuahua that is 5 years old. “He is named after the dog from the movie Transformers.” Bellarose’s favorite color is neon orange, “It is pretty and represents my personality.” Her favorite animal is a llama because they are cool and cute. “Turtles are also cute.” Bellarose added. Bellarose’s best friends are Gia, Roman, Karley, Aryanna, and Rony. “I have known Gia for almost 3 years, Karley for almost 3 years, Roman for 2 years, Aryanna for almost 3 years, and Rony for 2 years.” “I am also friends with everyone else in my class.” Bellarose added in. Bellarose B. moved to this school in 4th grade. Before Woodbury Heights Elementary School she went to Oak Valley, Park View in Westville, and Center City in Mantua. In her free time she likes to watch Youtube and draw. The biggest thing she wants to do when she turns 18 is get a piercing. Finally, she wants to be an advanced middle school art teacher.

Gia G., Reporter

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