2018-2019 Staff

John M.


My name is John M. I am an advertiser for the Woodbury Heights Elementary School Online Newspaper. I like turtles and tacos. I have no pets. My family members are: Mama, Papa, Colin, me, Grace, Vincent, Paul, and Emma.

Justin C.


I am an advertiser at the Heights Herald.  I have 3 cats, a snake, and 8-9  fish. My favorite things to do outside of school are playing baseball, riding my bike, and playing X-Box. My favorite game is Fortnite. I am in the Ooga ...

Shea S.


I, Shea S., am an editor for Heights Herald. I love Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and pickles. I also love soccer, hockey, and tennis. My favorite soccer team is the Philadelphia Union and my favorite hockey team is the Flyers....

Will D.


 I am an editor for the Heights Herald. I am 12 years old. I like science because we do cool experiments! In my free time I like to play video games like Fortnite, do Boy Scouts, and sometimes draw. I like Rock n’ Roll music and th...

Emily A.


My name is Emily.  I am 12 years old.  I love to sing. I auditioned for ‘’Americas Got Talent”, and made it to the last round for auditions. My favorite show is Stranger Things, and I am a e-journalism editor. ...

Eric C.


Hi, My name is Eric.  My favorite subject is science.  I like to swim, play soccer, love to read, and watch scary movies. I have two sisters. I have dogs. I am a editor for e-journalism. 

Tavien B.

Entertainment Reporter

My name is Tavien. I'm 11 years old and in 6th grade. I have one sister and a mom and dad I have four pets They are two cats and two lizards. I love to watch memes and YouTube. I love to play video games such as Fortnite, NBA...

Lucas D

Entertainment Reporter

Lucas D. is an Entertainment Reporter at Woodbury Heights Elementary School’s Heights Herald. He likes to play the trumpet and he likes turtles and loves to relax. He loves playing video games in his spare time. His favorite...


Entertainment Reporter

Nina is a student at Woodbury Heights Elementary School. Her position in Heights Herald is Entertainment Reporter. She will be writing to entertain people.  Nina’s favorite subject in school is math because she thinks it is e...

Gracie B.

Entertainment Reporter

Gracie Bonnette is a 5th grader at Woodbury Heights Elementary School in  Woodbury Heights, New Jersey. Her Job in the Heights Herald is a Entertainment Reporter. She needs to make sure She entertains a ages and people. Her ...

Gavin K.

Entertainment Reporter

Hi My name is Gavin. I like to race r/c cars and ride bikes. I wear glasses and have brown hair. I have a cute doggy named Rudy. I have two brothers and a mom and dad. My favorite  color is green. My favorite animal is a wombat....

Nick T.

Entertainment Reporter

I am a student at Woodbury Heights Elementary School. I like to eat tacos and play sports. My favorite animal is a dog and my favorite movie is Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. I am also a student in Mrs. Gloeckner's homeroom...

Sophia M.

Entertainment Reporter

  My name is Sophia M. I like softball.  I also like to play video games like Fortnite and Five Nights at Freddy's. I am part of the best tribe in the world: the Ooga Booga tribe. I am 12 years old. I'm a middle chil...

Aubrey K.

Event Reporter

I, Aubrey K., am an event reporter. I love gymnastics, softball, and basketball. My favorite animals are dogs, birds, and pig-me goats. When I grow up I want to be a medical scientist and live in Colorado. My favorite books are...

Sarafina P.


Hi. I'm Sarafina. I'm an illustrator.  I enjoy going into the woods to walk around, explore, or build a shelter for fun. My favorite season is autumn because it looks like a watercolor painting. I love drawing, doing makeup...

Natalea Z.


I am an illustrator. My favorite subjects in school are art and ELA. In my free time, I like to sing and write songs. I also like playing with two of my brothers: Noah and Nashville. I like to listen to Attention by Charlie ...

Skyla L.

Photo Editor

Hi, my name is Skyla. I like to play soccer. My favorite sport is soccer. At night, I like to watch movies. My favorite movie is Once Upon a Time. I like to be funny and remarkable. I love when teachers give me complements; so I do ...

Wyatt N.


My name is Wyatt N. I am in grade six. I like to play on my phone and watch YouTube videos. I also like to take photos of anything. I go to Boy Scouts every Thursday.

Isabella S.


Hi, My name is Isabella. eJournalism is my favorite subject. My favorite food is spaghetti. When I am older, I want to be a scientist. I am in 6th grade and i'm a e-journalism photographer!

Haley R.


Hi I'm Haley, I'm a photographer I really like taking photos, watching Stranger Things, singing, soccer, and art. I'm 11 and a half. I'm a middle child and I support everyone, love is love. I'm pretty lit.

Brayden M

Sports Reporter

Brayden M is a fifth grader at Woodbury Heights Elementary School in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey. Brayden is a sports reporter for the Heights Herald. Brayden is the photographer for the sports group. His favorite subject at ...

Rahfeek L

Sports Reporter

Rahfeek L. is a student at Woodbury Heights Elementary School. His job is a sports reporter and an illustrator. Rahfeek writes sports articles about sports news that is going on or already happened. He also draws pictures for the ...

Gavin R

Sports Reporter

Gavin R. is a 5th grade student at WHES (Woodbury Heights Elementary School). He is a Sports Reporter at the Heights Herald. When he grows up, he would like to be a veterinarian, to work at a shelter, or to be in the Navy. His favor...


Sports Reporter

My name is A.J. I like to attend sports events. I have 5 people in my family. I have: Mom, Dad, brother, sister, a pup, and I. I love them all very much. I like to watch baseball and pro wrestling. I love to eat Chinese food.

Gia G.

Sports Reporter

Hi! My name is Gia. I love gymnastics and horse riding. I also love WWE. My favorite wrestler's are Ronda Rousey and Roman Regins. I love Carson Wentz. I am 11 years old. My birthday is on July 18, 2007. I am from Las Vegas, Nevada....

Anthony M.

News Reporter-Illustrator

Anthony is a Woodbury Heights Elementary School 5th grade student in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey. His favorite subject in school is play practice because, it is the shortest period of school.He has a little brother who is 9 years...

Alton R

Sports Editor

Alton R is a fifth grader in WHES and his job in the heights harold is sports reporter and his responsibilities are to write about the local sports news. Alton loves Gym because he gets a lot of exercise and plays fun games. He...

Rahfeek L

sports reporter and illustrator

Billy B is a 5th grad student at Woodbury Heights Elementary. What are responsibilities in your job News reporter. His favorite subject in school is computer class because he really likes technology. Billy likes to play sports like...

Kimmie B.

Entertainment Editor

Kimmie B.   Kimmie B. a 5th grade student in Woodbury Heights Elementary school in New Jersey. Her position in Heights Herold is,  an entertainment reporter. Her responsibility for the Heights Herald is to wright d...

Amelia L.

News Reporter

Amelia is a student in 5th grade at Woodbury Heights Elementary School in Woodbury Heights also her position is a news reporter. Her favorite subject is science because there is projects that you work in groups for  and she li...

Sadie A.

News Reporter

Sadie is a student at Woodbury Heights Elementary School,her job in Heights Herald is BLANK. Sadies favorite subject in school is social studies because she likes learning about history. Sadies favorite things to do in her free ...

Taylor O.

School Events Reporter

Hello, My name is Taylor. I am 11 years old. I have a sister and a brother, and I am the oldest, and I have 1 dog. My favorite thing to do outside of school is to play softball. I  am a school events reporter for e-journalism.

Brandon K.

School Events Reporter

My name is Brandon. I am 11 years old. My favorite color is purple and my favorite subject in school in music.  My favorite animal is a cat. In free time I like to play Fortnite. I am a school events reporter for e-journalism.

Veronica M.


Hello! My name is Veronica, and I am 11 years old. I love to draw and to fish, I like to draw little cartoons and comics.  I like to play board games and video games. I also love going to school and reading books. I am an e-journalism...

Lexi D.


Hi. I am Lexi. I love to dance. I dance every single day except for Sunday. My favorite type of dance is ballet. In my free time (other than dancing) I like to act and do ventriloquism. I also love to draw. On a side, I like to...

Brianna B.

Creative Kid

My name is Brianna and I am a Creative kid. I am 11 years old, and I love the color black. My favorite animal is wolves/dogs. I wanna be a person who saves animals when I grow up. My favorite food is tacos. My favorite video games...

Sophia D.

entertainment reporter

Hello, My name is Sophia D, and I am 11 years old. I have a few hobbies I love to do.  I love to sing, play softball, basketball, and ride my bike. In school my favorite subjects are science and gym. When I was younger I loved...

Sophia F.

Creative Kids

My name is Sophia. I'm a creative kid for the Heights Herald. I'm 11 years old, my favorite color is blue, my favorite animal is a dog, and I like to dance. My favorite food is pasta, and my favorite subject in school is Science.

Addi P.


My name is Addi. I am a Illustrator for the Heights Herald. My favorite subject in school is music. I enjoy soccer and sometimes softball. I like pop music, shark movies, and horror movies. When I was little, I had bright oran...