Brayden M is a fifth grader at Woodbury Heights Elementary School in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey. Brayden is a sports reporter for the Heights Herald. Brayden is the photographer for the sports group. His favorite subject at WHES is music, Brayden loves that some instruments are hard to learn, when some are easy to learn. He explains instruments like pianos are hard to learn because of all the keys, he stated that playing things like drums. Brayden will play the drums in the Woodbury Heights Elementary School Spring Concert. His favorite game to play is Roblox for many reasons. Brayden´s main reason is that anybody can make plenty of friends. His favorite song is ¨We Didn't Start the Fire¨ by Billy Joel. Brayden loves to watch horror movies, such as ¨Nightmare on Elm Street¨. If you have played or heard any of the things Brayden loves, you should definitely check these out.

Brayden M, Sports Reporter