Alton R
Alton R is a sixth grader in WHES and his job in the heights harold is Sports Editor and his responsibilities are to write about sports news. Alton loves Gym because he gets a lot of exercise and plays fun games. He enjoys playing “Minecratft” with his friends and he very much enjoys it,  Alton also likes to jump on his trampoline. The five sports that Alton plays are basketball, soccer, baseball, and football. Where's the last sport, oh yeah it's called “hockey”. He is not sure on music but he loves the movie “Avengers: End Game”, and the show Spongebob Squarepants. Alton also plays Madden. You should try these games just like Alton R. If you already play these games or watch these movies try something new. It never hurts to learn anything new.

Alton R, Sports Editor

Oct 24, 2019
The Road to the World Series (Story)