Save The Sumatran Rhino

Save The Sumatran Rhino

Anthony M., news reporter

Another animal is going extinct. This animal is the Sumatran Rhino. This endangered animal is going extinct. There are less then 80 remaining in the wild. The plan of saving them is a 4-step plan. The steps are find rhinos. Bring them to a rhino care zone. Breed them to a good population. Release them into an area where rhino hunting is illegal. You can donate at

This rhino is magnificent. It’s found in a few countries in Asia.  It’s also known as the hairy rhinoceros or the two-horned Asian rhinoceros. It’s the only species of the genus Dicerorhinus. The rhino phylum classification is Chordata. This rhino is in the family rhinocerotidae. This rhino is one of three that lives in southern Asia and the only three out of Africa. The life-span is of 30-40 years old. Dense highland and lowland tropical and sub-tropical forests are its habitat. Borneo and Sumatra, Indonesia is the places it is found. Its only predator, the tiger only hunts calves or weak rhinos. The only way the adults are dying out is in fact us of poaching for ivory, as well as tiger’s killing the young. It competes with the Javan rhino in the wild that is another highly endangered creature.

This rhino feeds on fruit, leaves, twigs, bark, and young saplings (baby trees). This rhino likes figs and wild mango’s better then other fruit. this rhino went extinct in Malaysia in November 2019. young saplings is its favorite food. Rhinos are blind so they use tickbirds to see and let them eat their ticks. The rhino’s population in Borneo are only 15. Sumatra has the most rhino’s right now. Iman the last Malaysian rhino died from cancer. There only left in the country of Indonesia.

So please, do what it takes to save this wonderful species from extinction, please go donate now!