Captain Marvel’s Backstory

Captain Marvel's Backstory

Regina C., Entertainment Reporter

If you haven’t seen Captain Marvel and you did see Endgame and you want to know where she came from, then let me tell you the backstory of Carol Danvers, AKA, Captain Marvel.  Carol Danvers used to be an experimental air force pilot who was testing a light speed engine with Dr. Wendy Lawson who is the creator of the Tesseract powered engine. The ship started to be chased and was shot down by the alien warrior race called the Kree. They were looking for the engine. The Kree had been at war with another alien race called the Skrulls, who can shape shift, for thousands of years. They thought the engine would make them unstoppable. Wendy told Carol she was really a Kree named Mar-Vel who was helping the Skrulls find a home because the Kree were just keeping them from staying in one place. When Yon-Rogue, the head of the Kree star force and commander of the ship that shot them down, came out, he shot Lawson before she could destroy the engine. Carol grabbed Lawson’s gun and Yon-Rogue was ready to take the engine, but then she shot it so he couldn’t get it. The thing explode and sent off huge waves of energy! Carol was right in the path of the energy and it blasted her, but she absorbed it. When Carol was knocked out, and know that the engine was obliterated, they brought her to their home planet, Hala, where they gave her a blood transfusion, which made her part Kree. She became a part of Yon-Rogue’s star force and the Kree  told her that her powers were given to her.

They went on a mission and Carol, who was being called Vers, was kidnapped by the Skrulls. They brought her to the mother ship where they looked into her memories to see if she knew anything about Lawson. She eventually took a pod, that crashed landed on Earth, in a Blockbuster Video in the 1950s. She made a communication device out of a payphone so she could tell her team where she was. Eventually, shield showed up and started questioning her. But then, a Skrull disguised as a human tried to blast them. Carol went on a train chase after the Skrull, with Nick Fury and Phil Coulson on their tail. After she lost him, Carol found herself at a restaurant she had been to with her friends on Earth. She tracked down her friend who were so close she considered them family. They found a recording of Carol and Lawson in the plane crash. That was when Carol found out she was from Earth and that the Kree are the bad guys. She starts to help the Skrulls and discovers that she can channel her own power. Carol defeats the Kree and goes off in a ship to find the Skrulls a home.