A Safety’s life

A Safety's life

Rhianna I., News

This year there are 16 safeties. Our safeties do more than supervise recess. They do a lot to help our school. They have a lot of fun as well. They help the kids in our school when they’re hurt and lonely.

Every morning you come to school with the flag flying high, but does it stay up there all night. When does it come up/down who does? Well the safeties do it of course. Every day at 8:05 am three safeties unfold the flag and manipulate the ropes to flow upwards. The same happens every day at 3:11 pm. At 3:11 pm at least one safety is yelled at by Mr. Dougherty because they came at 3:10 pm. That’s one of the more fun parts of being a safety. On certain days, like January 9,  for instance, the flag only goes halfway up, this is to honor a special event or death in America’s history.

The safeties love their job and think it cruel that they only have one year to bond with the younger kids. Safety Ben even goes as far as saying, “The whole reason I became a safety was because I wanted to bond with the younger kids. In fact it was the perfect opportunity to bond with the 1st and 2nd graders. They really do feel like family.” A fellow safety admits, “I love little kids, I wanted to bond with them before I left for Gateway.” While the words are different they say the same thing, they love their job and don’t want to leave. The school year is coming to end and a new line of safeties will be coming in.