The Musical

The theater symbol

The theater symbol

Ben N. and Amelia L.

The new musical stirred excitement in the school. Our musical is…The Grunch! The musical is about a sixth grader who hates the musical that the students wants to start, since the original musical got cancelled. He then steals everything that sets up the musical, but sooner or later, the spirit of theater will come.

This year, there is a big change; Mr. Watts will now be our new director! Today is the last day you can audition, but if you auditioned yesterday, you don’t need to audition again. Today’s auditions will end at  4:00 pm or 4:30 pm. The auditions will determine the role you are in the play. The meetings were held and all of the students that went to the first meeting got a permission slip with the schedule on the front. Actor’s slips are past due, so any actor who didn’t hand their slip in are not permitted at rehearsals. Stage crew members’ slip has to return their slip by the 24th. Ms. Kate won’t be directing the choreography this year, so the staff of the musical will try to find a replacement, but Mr. Banas will still direct the music and numbers. Also, Ms. Harkins will be the stage manager and Mrs. Selby will be the set designer. Finally, the cast will be announced on the 18th!

Update 1/16/20

Ya! Clap! Clap! You might be wondering, how could these sounds be related? Its related to the theater of course! Most artistic do not talk about peoples thoughts well this artistic does! People love to acting more then dealing with and you are only needed in one week called Tech Week at least that what I think. I will be interviewing different people from Mrs. Gloeckners 6th grade class (6G) about why they choose this job instead of acting, and interviewing actor of way they choose stage crew for week one.  

They answered these answers down below before they did any rehearsals. In 6G six people are actors, 2 people on Stage crew and six people not doing the play. Here are there responses down below…..

Before theater practice and/or Tech week

Sadie: “I don’t want to be an actor because they sing and I don’t like to sing”   Job in play: Stage crew                                Gizel: “Because i want  to act instead of not be known for anything” Job in play: Actor                                                               Ben : ” I want to act more then be back stage” Job in play: Actor                                                                                                   Brayden : “Because i want to be a WWE wrestler and sense its all scripted i need to practice and act”  Job in play:Actor    Eva : “Because i dont like to interact and i dont like people hearing me sing” Job in play: None                                             Avery : “Because i dont wan to miss my favorite sports”    Job in play: None                                                                                Nina : ” The play is a waste of time i like karate more ” Job in play: None

Update 1/23/20

When people found out what part of they were in the character these were there parts (not inculding stage crew)

Question 1: If you had the opportunity to change your part will you take it?

Question 2: If so what would it be?


Gizel(Variety): ” Yes, it would be Rudy/Ruby Grunch”

Ben(Principal Augustus): “Yes, it would be Mills”

Brayden (NY Post):”No”

Regina (Junior Flower Chorus): “Yes, It would be Rachel”

Rhianna (Lisley): “No”

Anthony (Drama Chorus): “Yes, Grunch”

Rehersal (ACTORS ONLY)

Gizel: “No, because I LOVE acting