My review of Castle Crashers

Gavin R, Entertainment Reporter

Castle Crashers is a video game made by Behemoth. It is a role-playing game where you go through different areas on the map to defeat bosses. Then you try to rescue all of the princesses and win. It is very cool because you can play with 4 people on one screen. You can pick different characters in the game. It stands out from other games because you unlock characters through the game. For example, if you use the bow and arrow a lot you unlock the archer.  Also if you use the melee a lot you unlock the barbarian.

You start with a shovel, a bow, and arrow and you can use the shovel to dig up food, weapons, and animals to use. using the animals helps you with stuff in the game like leveling your character up and helps defeat bosses. The people who would like this book would be people who like fitting.