Is dance a sport?

Leah S., sports reporter

Yes, dance is definitely a real sport. You need to train for many years to dance and learn to have better memory to remember routines. Dance is a very difficult sport to do. It even matches the definition of sport. If you compare dance to other sports, it has some similarities. Some people still might not agree but I’ll show you why dance is a sport.

The definition of sport is “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against each other or others for entertainment.” Well dance is a physical activity that involves skills. And in dance, teams compete against each other. So, dance does match the definition of sport. So, you can not disagree with this. 

Some people may say that sports are hard and dance isn’t. Well, that is very incorrect. Dance is a very difficult sport to do. Dancers need to train for years to get flexible, have body strength, technique, memory and emotion. In dance, you memorize dance routines. Dancers might have a show that they’ll have to memorize a routine that could be hours long!  

Just like other sports (football, baseball, soccer and more), dance can help you in life (which sports can do). Dancers could slip on something and have the flexibility to not be as hurt. Or, dancers could be falling from something high and be able to grab onto it and pull themselves up because they have strength. Or, a dancer might need to remember something important which they will be able to do because dancers need to memorize dances so, dancers have a good memory. 

Overall, dance is a real sport (and is cheer and gymnastics). Dance is a very difficult sport to do. Dancers may say it could be one of the hardest sports. Dance can help you in life, like how other sports can. Some people may say dance is just an art, well it’s more than that. It is something you don’t just do to perform but to compete. That can be from just learning skills in dance class and see who does them the best to dance competitions.