Zachary B. and Chase C.


Today’s way of life is just getting lazier! People have gotten addicted to social media over the years. Social media has evolved to engage more and more people into bragging about their “amazing” experiences on the web. Facebook is the most popular social media app that is used around the world. Believe it or not, Instagram and Twitter are the seven and eighth most popular social media apps.

Between April 2018 and April 2019, social media users grew 202 million people. The daily time for a person on social media is 142 minutes a day. Each person has about 7.6 social media accounts.” said Brandwatch. There are 2.9 billion active social media users.That is bad for social media users health because they are spending more time on their electronic devices instead of getting exercise and eating healthy. Your body should get about 150 minutes of aerobic exercise a week. Youtube is getting a new 1.8 billion users each month that is insane when you think about it! Youtube’s famous pewdie pie has 100 million subscribers another channel that people are addicted to is T Series which has 114 million subscribers! When you think about that 7.7 billion in 2019fact  that is a lot of people and its still going up!  

 When asked, eighty one percent of teenagers felt makes an impact on their lives. On a 2015 survey 94% of teens that go online using a mobile device go on the platform the internet community daily. Although the social web isn’t great for you, it helps some teens with anxiety, depression, and stress. When asked 81% of teenagers go on social media every day. Teenagers are always on their phones because they are worried about how many followers they have. They also have a tendency to take a selfie somewhere to make them look good. Teens will do about anything to look good on social media, so people can notice how great they look. More and more young adults are wanting to be famous on social media because they want to be known on the web and rather not just interacting with people.

Many celebrities have been introduced into the social web also. Cristiano Ronaldo had over 184 million followers on September 19th, 2019. Since Ronaldo is the celebrity with the most followers, he earns $975,000 per post. It shows that some celebrities just might be posting and reaching out to fans for some money. Many arguments between celebrities occur on social media. Even presidents have followers on social media, and post stories about them and their family! Many celebrities have touched people’s lives because they have been reached out to by their idols.   

 Social media has changed the way many people live today. More people are getting addicted to watching their followers go up and down everyday. Less physical activities and more junk foods are not benefiting people’s health because of the “Dark” social web. Teens are more worried about posting stories and not about spending time with their family’s. The saddest thing is that celebrities are deciding to get into the “social game.”