Gaga Pit

Gaga Pit

BriseH, News

The Gaga pit is a new addition to the Woodbury Heights Elementary School. When it was added to the school everyone was so excited. Everyone, including me, went there after school to hang out with their friends. This year on Back-to-School night a group of kids, especially the 6th graders, passed the time at the Gaga pit while their parents were at the meeting.

The rules of the Gaga are simple: don’t get out.  There are three ways you could get out.  If the ball hits your feet, you are out.  If another player catches a ball in the air that you hit, you’re out.  If you hit the ball outside of the pit, you are out.  To stay in, hit the ball as hard as you can around the pit. 

Gaga is a version of dodge ball that instead of throwing the ball you hit it while it’s on the ground. Also instead of staying on one side of a rectangular court, you can go anywhere in a small octagon. In Dodgeball, you normally stay on the wall until you start.  In Gaga  you still stay on the wall until you start but there is only one ball and it gets thrown up instead of getting put onto the ground. 

What you need to play the game is a small rubber or foam ball. If you don’t have either go into a store nearby and get what looks like a smaller kickball. You’ll also probably need a Gaga pit to play the game inside. This Gaga pit is an octagon roughly two-three feet tall.

Now that you know about the Gaga pit you can go play the game.