VSCO girls


Stella K., Entertainment Report

VSCO girls (pronounced “VIS-co” )are girls who have Hydro-flasks, Scrunchies, white slip-on Vans, Champion brand clothes, metal straws, Crocs, Airpods, Apple Watch, Crop Top, and a bunch of other things. A lot of people are VSCO.  VSCO girls even have their own language.  To show they are laughing, they type sksksksksksksksk”, and saying things like “…and I oop!” means shock or surprise, like a mistake was made or something. 

 If you are wondering what a hydro flask is, it is a water bottle. The original hydro flask can be bought in 7 sizes ranging from 12 to 64 ounces, in a variety of colors. The hydro flask website boasts that their bottles can keep beverages hot or cold hour after hour. You might pay $50 for white vans and $150 for Airpods. Being a VSCO girl, you also go shopping on Amazon, Brandy Melville, and Urban outfitters. In my opinion, VSCO outfits are cute.  If you want to be VSCO the basic things you will need: a Pukashell necklace, white vans, fairy lights, oversized t-shirt or l0ng sleeve t-shirt, metal straws, hydro flask, scrunchies, checkered vans, and if you want to be extra, an iPhone xr, x, 11, or 11 pro max.  

When the creators of the app began VSCO, they probably weren’t expecting to create a whole style.