Famous Comic Book History


Michael S., Entertainment Report

Some people think DC is the best comics and cinematic universe. While other people side with Marvel comics and their cinematic universe. First of all, DC comics was originally called “Detective Comics,” but people started calling it “DC” comics for short. Later the name stuck and that why it’s called DC comics today. DC’s first comic was Superman, he gave hope to people after the great depression and was a great start to DC comics.

Marvel came 5 years after DC, but in the beginning of the “golden age of comic books.” In the “golden age of comic books,” comics were selling rapidly and organizations that made comics made a lot of money. At this  time and place, selling comics was very profitable business. One of Marvel‘s first heroes was Namor the Submariner. Namor came before Aquaman, but he is much stronger. He also gave hope to America at the start of WWII by defeating the axis powers. 

The comic book industry was great until a man by the name of Dr. Fredrick Wertham did research on crazy children and wanted to stop delinquency. Wertham saw that most children he researched read comics and determined that comics lead to delinquency. Stan Lee, the face of Marvel comics,was not happy about this and announced, “Most kids drink milk so I guess we should take away that too.” The parents of America were still scared to let their children read comics.

Later, Charles F. Murray Created the CCA, or Comic Code Authority because of Wertham. The comic code authority strictly critiqued comics and declined any comics with weapons, gun smoke, and monsters.  It turns out that Wertham exaggerated all his information to make comics look bad. He said that Wonder Woman was a bad example for young women. Wertham announced that she was a bad example because she inspires young women to be independent rather than becoming housewives. Some people, on the other hand, thought that she was a great example.  They thought women being independent is a great thing and that Wertham was wrong.

One day the government asked Stan Lee to make an anti-drug comic book. He used one of his most famous characters, The Amazing Spider-Man. After publishing the book without the CCA, the comic book world was shocked, DC especially. Soon others followed in Marvel’s footsteps not afraid of publishing without the CCA. DC did it with a superhero named green arrow which is now one of DC’s most famous characters. Thanks to Stan Lee the comic book world was saved.