The Road to the World Series

The Road to the World Series

Alton R, Sports Editor

The World Series is the championships for Major League Baseball, or the MLB. This year, the teams that made it to the American League Conference Series are the Yankees and the Astros, while the National League Conference Series teams are the Cardinals and the Nationals. But, the Nationals closed out the series by securing the sweep on the Cardinals. While the Astros won the series against Yankees 4-2 in the ALCS. Now, the 2019 World Series teams are the Astros and the Nationals.

The Wild Card game for the AL was the Rays vs the A’s, while the NL battle was between the Nationals and the Brewers. The AL winner was the Rays, while the Nationals conquered the NL game. In the National League Division Series, the Nationals play against the 106-56 Dodgers. While the Rays play against the best team in the league, the Houston Astros. Both Wild Card teams will have to go against the best teams in their conference, but there is still a chance for both of them.

The Division Series for the NL and the AL were exciting. Both series in the NL were upsets. The Nationals beat the Dodgers, while the Cardinals made it close with the Braves. In the AL, on the other hand, both teams that won were the better teams. The ALCS will be an interesting series between the Yankees and the Astros. The NLCS will determine if a Wild Card team in the Nationals can make it to the World Series

The Conference Series for the AL was a lot more interesting than the NL. The Nationals easily won the series. The Nats swept the Cardinals in a four-game series. The ALCS was more of a nail-biter than the NLCS. In the sixth game of the series, the Yankees were losing 4-2 in the top of the 9th. Yankees infielder DJ LeMahieu hit a two run shot to tie the game at 4. In the bottom of the 9th with two outs, the 5’6″ Jose Altuve stepped up to the plate. The pitcher that was pitching for the Yankees is the record holder for the fastest pitch ever, Aroldis Chapman. The next thing you see is the ball landing in the stands. He hit a walk-off homerun to end the ALCS.