Spider-Man: Far From Home (Spoilers)

Lucas D - Entertaiment Reporter, Entertainment Reporter

Lucas                                                                                                                                    9/25/19


Spider-Man: Far From Home (Spoilers)


Spider-Man: Far From Home is the newest movie in the Avengers trilogy. It’s also the sequel to Avengers: Endgame. This is one of my favorite movies and I’m sure you’ll love it too! The movie begins with two teenagers, informing others about what they call, mysterious blip. People who’ve blipped have been gone for 5 years, and have returned the same age that they left.

The main part of the movie starts when Spider-Man is at a convention about the return of the students, and the loss of the Avengers. Later, Peter’s on his vacation in europe, where he’s hoping to have a break from being a superhero too.

When he gets there, he’s in the canal with his group. The canal then gets attacked by a giant water monster. Peter wants to help, but he left the suit in his room. Then, a mysterious man appears! They call him “Mysterio.” Mysterio tries to take down the monster, and Peter tries to help as much as he can. Together, they were able to take down the monster.

While on his trip, Nick Fury tries to contact him. After having Peter reject his calls, Fury decides to make a hotel visit. Fury brings Peter to a hideout where he meets the fake superhero Mysterio, who tells him about the elementals, four giant creatures each being a soul element of our planet, Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. The elementals and Mysterio are supposed to be from another universe.

A few minutes later, Peter opens the box Tony gave him, and he found an AI, called EDITH, which stands for “Even Dead I’m The Hero.” He then goes to meet Fury once more, to plan the attack on the Fire Monster. He decides to tell EDITH to keep his class occupied, to keep them out of danger for the next few hours.

The Fire Monster attack at the same carnival his class was going to go to. Some of the class then go to the carnival for look for Peter. Mysterio and Spider Man try to defeat the monster, and they manage to beat him in the end. This is an important scene in the movie.

Peter is questioning himself, and if Tony was right in choosing him to be the next Iron Man. After some convincing talk from Beck (Mysterio), Peter believes that he was not meant to wield EDITH. So he then decides to transfer his control to Beck. This was not a good idea.

Just then it was revealed to the audience that Mysterio and the elementals are fake, and that it was all an illusion. We are then told that it was all a fake way to get EDITH from him. We learn their jobs and what brought them all together, their hatred for Tony and their desire for attention and recognition.

When he returns, Pete discovers that his class trip is being cut short, and their leaving in the morning. After building up all his courage, he asks his friend he likes and tries to tell her how he feels. However, she has her suspicions of who he really is. After realizing his mistake, he admits who he is and that he really messed up. In the next scene we see how Beck is creating the holograms. With Peter unable to contact Fury because Beck tapped his phone. He decides to go to Berlin and talk to Fury in person.

After he’s affected by Becks illusions, he gets hit by a train and ends up in the Netherlands. He gets Happy to pick him up, and he decides that he needs to stop Mysterio. On his way, he makes a new suit and designs it to take Mysterio down.

In London, Becks monster starts to attack. As they approach, Happy gives Fury a coded message. Pete goes over the plan of action. Happy goes to pick up his friends while Peter goes to take Beck down. After he puts up a fight with his illusion tech, Peter finally takes Beck down and gets EDITH back to finish the fight. This was a great sequel to the much anticipated, Avengers: Endgame.