IT Chapter Two

IT Chapter Two

Gracie B., Entertainment reporter

IT Chapter Two is a new movie that hit the theaters recently. The first movie (1990) was a hit! The 2017 remake was also a big hit, attracting many people to the theaters. Now that IT Chapter Two is released it gives a better understanding than the first one. Have you seen the new movie yet?


  The original movie IT was made in 1990, the role as Penny wise was played by Tim Curry. The remake in 2017 had Bill Skarsgard play the role as Pennywise. Both of these actors are very well known, and play Pennywise very well in the movie.  The IT Chapter Two, Pennywise role is also played by Bill Skarsgard.  Steven King was the creator of IT, there was a book in 1986. The first movie was based on the book.


Many people liked this movie.  Rotten Tomatoes ( gave the original movie a rating of 61%.  The 2017 version had a 86%.   At the time of this writing, IT Chapter Two has a rating of 63%.  The release date was September 6th, so if you’re wondering if it came out already don’t worry because it’s still out. If you are a person that doesn’t like sitting through long movies then I would not recommend this movie for you, because this movie is a three hour movie! Looking at the reviews of IT Chapter Two, I think this movie is worth watching for three hours.  



This new movie is about The Loser Club, which were little kids, but now are adults coming back 27 years later.  A terrifying phone call brings them back together to come and defeat Pennywise, who came back to terrorize the town, Derry. Once the friends all come back together they must face their biggest fears to defeat the shape shifting Pennywise. Pennywise is not just a clown, he shape shifts into your biggest fears. Scarred by the events that happened years ago, the only way they can defeat him is by facing their fears. They better watch out because Pennywise came back more powerful than ever!


IT is a horrifying movie, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely see it. If you’re a horror fan then I’d definitely recommend this movie for you. Looking at all the reviews it looks like a great movie to see on the weekends with your friends. This movie has been a great success, with all the actors and how the movie turned out.