5th grade went on a trip!


Leah S, News Reportor

On Thursday, April 25 2019, the “Woodbury Heights Elementary School” fifth grade students went on a field trip to “Independence National Historical Park” in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While there, students saw the house of Ben Franklin, the Liberty Bell,Independence Hall and more. They also learned some interesting, historical facts.


The students first went  the Liberty Bell. While they were there, they learned that it had a crack in it.  Our forefathers found out it was cracked, when they were moving it from the top of “Pennsylvania State House”.  At the time, they were trying to move it to a place near Independence Hall where it is currently. When they were repairing it, it just got a bigger crack!  Our forefathers decided to just leave it alone.


Richie, a fifth grade student, explained what he learned about Ben Franklin from the field trip, “Ben Franklin didn’t do the electricity experiment himself, he did it with his son.”


Brise, another fifth grade student, explained he was confused of why “Ben Franklin” was called a doctor.  I found out he was called a doctor because, for science, he was given many awards. Then he was given the name “Conferre’d the Degree of Doctor of Laws.” After that, he asked people to address him as “Doctor Franklin”.


The students next traveled to Independence Hall. Independence Hall is called that because of what the Declaration of Independence means, independence. 


Overall, the fifth graders learned many historical facts from a few hundred years ago. We also saw many exhibits including, the printing process, the house of Ben Franklin, and more. All of the students agreed that this was an amazing field trip! At the same time, the teachers liked how the students could learn something while being entertained.