The new shock about Pat’s pizza.

The new shock about Pat's pizza.

Do you like amazing flavored Pizza, fries and more food! Sadly, the new Pat’s Pizza refurbishment is not complete yet! The Pat’s pizza in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey is under construction. It closed in December when the staff originally said it would only take a month but it is still under construction as of now, which is about 6 months.

A negative is that outsiders can’t see inside of the restaurant because it’s covered by some type of tarp material, so we can’t see inside of the building.This prevents the members of the community from guessing when construction will be finished!

Although the layer of tarp conceals the view,  people have been able to see that it doesn’t really look that far along. There are still old tables sitting in a tiny room off to the side. It could possibly be far along because there is more of the covering section in other rooms. There is no certainty on what will happen or what is happening behind the covers currently. Only time will tell.


The closure first began due to a reported basement fire, but it is unknown if there have been further issues. Since they have been working on it for so long, there is speculation that more has happened than originally thought.


It’s reopening has been thought for December originally. However, as December passed, it never opened and we don’t have any more details. As time passes, we wonder what is going on behind the tarp and when we’ll see what they are hiding.