Coffee, Coffee and more Coffee! The new starbucks is about to be open!

Leah S. and Richie G.

Residents of Woodbury Heights, New Jersey citizens are anxiously awaiting a new coffee shop being built at 1008 Mantua Pike. Previously, the location had been an ice-cream shop and hotdog stand with Bruster’s/ Nathan’s occupying the space, but recently, construction began on the new Starbucks.


In 2017, it was announced that Starbucks was officially coming! However, rumors that Starbucks would develop the space began in 2016. Construction was supposed to have begun in June of 2018, and be opened by the end of the year. However, it was noticed that there was a stand up water problem that currently is still a drawback.


Recently, fencing has been put up in March and crews appear to be working on the site almost every day now. There has been a tiny wooden structure, which is thought to be the beginning of a wall coming up. Also, there was some tarps being put up around it. Workers  have now dug the perimeter of the building out to put it in the empty space. Woodbury Heights Town Council expects that it should be open sometime soon since it is coming together quickly.


There is speculation within the town that the new Starbucks will be fitting with the Starbucks’ new, modern store concept that has been seen recently throughout their shops . According to the new Starbucks look, and the perimeter of the design, it should have a drive thru and a tall, modern look.