Carnival Rides

Rhianna Iannello and Richie Gambale

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On May 20-25th, St. Margaret’s Carnival, in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey, took center stage. The event took place at St. Margaret’s Church, at the corner of Third Street and Beech Ave. Every year, people donate food and money, half of which goes to the homeless and poor. The other half is used for the carnival. The carnival is for people to have fun and donate money at the same time!


Unlike most carnivals, the workers at this carnival are mostly comprised of volunteers from the church and community. About 200 people volunteer, each year, in order to ensure the success of the carnival.

There are thousands of people who visit every year, looking to enjoy the cool rides and carnival treats. The rides often stay the same, but at least every kid gets to enjoy their favorite ride every year! There are even rides for every age! There is the dragon coaster for small kids and the typhoon for middle-aged kids. For teens, there is the one and only Zipper, and the Gravitron. Between the kindness of the volunteers, the fun activities, and the community feeling, this carnival continues to be successful, year after year.

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