L.E.A.D from the Teacher’s Perspective


Ben N.

L.E.A.D (Law Enforcement Against Drugs) is the new name for D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) and it was to teach kids to not abuse drugs. L.E.A.D teaches kids to avoid drugs and talking about the effects of marijuana, nicotine, alcohol, and other dangerous drugs. L.E.A.D also teaches the saying, “My decisions=my consequences.” L.E.A.D is taught by Officer Gambale. Officer Gambale has taught L.E.A.D for 19 years and he started teaching in the year 2000.

Officer Gambale, a Woodbury Heights Police officer and parent from the WHES community, was happy to come to WHES and teach L.E.A.D. He enjoys teaching people about making good and healthy choices and explains that he always tries to learn from the students he is teaching. When he is teaching 5th-grade L.E.A.D, he realizes that most of the 5th graders want to learn about drug addiction and how to avoid it. He tries to get the saying “My decisions=my consequences” phrase in everyone’s mind because this phrase can be used in even the small decisions. He tries to teach that your decisions can affect your future. He enjoys teaching L.E.A.D and when he teaches the students, he has a greater bond with the students!