Splish, Splash. 1st Grade Aquarium Trip

Ben N. and Rhianna I.

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On Friday, May 3, Woodbury Heights Elementary School First Grade Students went to Adventure Aquarium for their annual field trip. Adventure Aquarium is located in Camden, New Jersey. Adventure Aquarium is a fun place for anyone who wants to see aquatic animals, ranging from hippos to jellyfish.

While on the trip, the First Grade students saw a lot of animals, including the angelfish and other animals. They had a great time at the aquarium and explained that it was the best experience of their lives. Although they didn’t learn anything, they loved all of the different animals that they saw. Maliah, a first grader in Mrs. Colella’s class, said that she liked the sharks and the penguin’s exhibit. Meanwhile, Lilly, another first grader in Mrs. Colella’s class, explained that she liked the penguins and she liked the jellyfish exhibit. First Grade had a ton of fun at the aquarium.

Adventure Aquarium could be your summer vacation! Adventure Aquarium has a father’s day BBQ on June 15th. There is also a hippo festival starting on June 21 and going on for a month. They have a variety of animals, from the African Cichlid to the Waxy Monkey Frog. They have a 3D theater, the Shark Bridge where you cross a net bridge across a tank full of sharks, the Stingray Beach Club, and much more. Adventure Aquarium is a fun place for aquatic animal lovers.

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