Build, Destroy, Repeat; The Battle Between Minecraft and Roblox

Build, Destroy, Repeat; The Battle Between Minecraft and Roblox

Avery D, Entertainment Reporter

Minecraft or Roblox, who could pick? As these games have been here for a long time, they’ve changed through updates and new releases to make the games better for gamers. The changes are big, which is what makes them how they are today.

Minecraft is a sandbox video game created in 2009 by Swedish game developer, Markus Persson. A sandbox video game is a style of game in which it allows the player to roam and create their own virtual world. Moving on, it was released into the public in 2009, but then the game was released to Mojang in 2011. This game allows players to build with a variety of 3D blocks. Other things to do in the game are exploring, resource gathering, crafting, and combat.

In Minecraft, there are also a bunch of different gameplay modes. First, there is Survival Mode where the player must use resources to survive against the monsters and survive through the night. There’s also Creative Mode, in which the player does not have to survive anything, but has all the materials to use and build the structures. Finally, there’s Adventure Mode, where the player can explore around the surface, but they are not able to break anything or get materials. Since then the game has added more blocks, animals, and resources to make the game better. These additions to the game have been here since the beginning, but they’ve updated them and made the additions even better for the game.

Unlike Minecraft, Roblox is a massively multiplayer game that allows players to design their own games and play a variety amount of games. As of April 2019, Roblox has 90 million monthly active players.

Similar to Minecraft, the game also includes many different objects  for the player’s avatar, such as clothes, accessories, and gear. These additions include swords, shirts, pants, hats, hair, and little objects to put on your avatar’s shoulder.  Many players have very cool avatars, which they spend robux on. Robux is the currency of money that players can use within the game. Players purchase Robux with real money and then they can buy gamepasses for games and clothes in the shop.

According to Richie, a 5th grader at Woodbury Heights Elementary School, he’s stated, “I’d play both games because they’re both really fun games and they both have some sort of the same concept to them.”. He claims that he would want to play both games, instead of just one. Another statement, made by Chase, another 5th grader at Woodbury Heights Elementary School, has stated, “I prefer Minecraft because it’s easier and you can build whatever you want.”. In Chase’s explanation, he’s stated that he prefers Minecraft over for Roblox, with the reason of what he stated.

Both of these games are very popular, but there’s not a conclusion of what game is better. Some people have their opinion on what game is better, but it doesn’t come to the final conclusion of which is better.