Recess Gets Better With Kickball

Gavin R., Sports Reporter

Swish, boom, kick. “Let’s go! Hooray!” These are some sounds that can be heard from the students playing kickball at Woodbury Heights Elementary School during recess. With Spring beginning, outside recess will bring back this school-favorite past time.

Captains separate students into to different teams. The pitcher rolls the ball, usually it flies in the outfield. All the 5th graders, 4th graders, and 6th graders can play. The game goes on but it only depends on when the sun is shining and the fields are dry.  

It’s played similar to baseball.There is a first baseman a second baseman third baseman and a and some people go in the Outfield too. You field the ball and try to get the person out.You  can throw the ball at them or you can can catch the ball they kick. Then once they scored five runs you switch. Then you will hit the ball and it just continues and continues. People love playing when it is on grass and it is fun for then.