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Sadie A and Amelia L

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Sadie & Amelia

On February 28, 2019 the students of Woodbury Heights Elementary entered the halls dressed to impress. When wandering the halls one might have seen a dapper button up, sparkly hair bows, and bright spring dresses. These lovely school photos will be featured in the 2019 yearbook.

In order to make picture day a success, Lifetouch must bring in a lot of high-value equipment that helps make the pictures high-quality and memorable for years to come. Sadie Afflerbach had a interview with a Lifetouch member and got some information on what  Lifetouch uses. They use three types of lights called main, fill, and hair. The camera is based on Nikon D700 but matted specifically for Lifetouch. Lifetouch uses tripod’s, light stands, and LOT’S of cords. They use a laptop, a backdrop which uses X1 technology. X1 technology is similar to a green screen but more advanced. In the process of picture day they use combs, a posing guide, water bottles, hand sanitizer, and pens to help students look their best in their fabulous pictures. The photographer’s for 2019 were Liz and Barb. They are super sweet and love children. For example, they helped the students pose, and fix their hair and outfit.

The order forms are very important for Lifetouch’s process. The process is carried out as fast as possible. There are only two choices to choose from. Parents can order online in the website or they could pay in the envelope that comes home with the child.

Picture day is an exciting day a Woodbury Heights Elementary School. It is quick and easy, but no matter what, the photographers will create beautiful, lasting memories  of students, which will last for years. of students, which will last for years.

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