Soccer, spring, and WHES

Brayden, Sports-photographer

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Spring has arrived and Woodbury Heights Elementary School (WHES) students know what that means. When the temperature starts heating up, Woodbury Heights students will be on the soccer field in no time! After it starts heating up outside, everyone will hear the bell at 12:10, and dart onto the field with their friends. Shea, a 6th grade student at WHES,, stated that she was inspired by Molly Hongru, a famous soccer player. Indoor recess has been weighing heavily on the hearts of carefree soccer players throughout the school. Woodbury Heights has had few opportunities to play outside this winter, with the exception of a few days on which it was nice out. It’s expected that at every recess from April to June, there will be 10-15 kids on the field. Skyla, Shea, and Justin who are also 6th graders, all stated that they think soccer is fun.


Those 10-15 players will be split amongst two teams, enjoying soccer at recess. The cycle repeats. When 5th grade is on the side with no soccer, then 6th grade gets to play. When 4th is out 5th plays. When 6th is out 4th plays. It’s a never ending loop. When there are few kids wanting to play, the soccer field will open up to all grades. Skyla L., a sixth-grader, explained that she enjoys playing soccer at recess because it’s fun. Another sixth-grader, Lexi D stated that they rather not play soccer. Some kids think soccer is easy but it takes three thing: courage, practice, and teamwork.