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The Students of Woodbury Heights Elementary School (WHES) participated in a fundraiser called Jump Rope For Heart (JRFH) during the week of February 25th 2019. This fundraiser was held to raise money for heart disease research and education. The school raised  about $5,106.00.

Students seemed to enjoy the many activities that they participated in during JRFH. Many students enjoyed the climbing activity. In addition to playing and participating in activities to bring awareness to the importance of heart health, students were asked to generate donations. While earning donations for JRFH, students were able to win prizes as an incentive to raise money, including keychains of Echo, Finn,Ruby,Firy, Sprinkles, Oscar, and Splash.

Mrs. Cuzzupe (WHES gym teacher and coordinator of the JRFH event) explained, “We jump rope for heart for several reasons: heart diseases affects lots of people, we raise money for research as an incentive for raising donations, and the American Heart Association gives us funds for PE equipment and to educate students on the importance of a healthy heart”. Mrs.Cuzzupe has many responsibilities during JRFH. Her responsibilities are to organize JRFH collect money, distribute prizes, create a schedule for classes, and order the prizes.



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