Are Board Games Really Boring?

Gracie B., Entertainment reporter

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Board games have been around for a long time, since about 3500 B.C. Before there was television, board games were commonplace in entertaining people. Now, people have television, phones and devices that they rely on for their entertainment. Some people love board games and will play anything. Some people just don’t like board games. Also people may have many different thoughts on the games There might be one that someone really likes and one that you don’t as much.

Too much of one game can be a bad thing as it can cause someone to get bored if they play to much of it. That’s why it’s important to try new ones. Playing the same board game over and over again, is very boring , so try a new one. If you try a new game it might change your perspective about board games and how fun they are.  That’s why a lot of people don’t really like board games, because they always play the same one. Many people enjoy playing one game, try a new one and see if you like it. Some board games that you might want to try are the games, monopoly, a board game about, ‘’the player’s goal is to remain financially solvent while forcing opponents into bankruptcy by buying and developing pieces of property.’’ You can also play the game clue, the game clues is about, trying to figure the three main facts on  who is the murder. Try one of these and see if you like it.     

WHES students have suggested some great board games for people to try with their families and friends.  Kimmie B. enjoys playing the game Sorry against her family and likes seeing their face when she has beat them. Along with Kimmie, Lucas D. also likes playing Sorry. To play the game Sorry, you pick a card with a number on it and the number thats on the card you must jump that much on the little square. Who ever reaches to their home fist will win. Another game, suggested by Sadie A. is Payday.It’s a challenging game and great for those who enjoy a little competition and showing off their r math skills. Isabella S., a 6th grader, likes the game Monopoly,which is a money-involved game(not real money) and is designed around buying and selling property and investments. Shane F. and Emma E., 4th grade students, also both like the game Monopoly. They both like how long the game can take, and you can play it whenever. Taylor O., a 6th grade student, likes the game, 5 second rule. In this game, there’s a pile of cards, and you will pick out of the deck, there will be a topic on the card and in 5 seconds you have to guess who or what it is. If you’re person who doesn’t play board games, try one of these and see if your mindset changes.. you might like it.

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