Spring into Hardwork: Final Marking Period Brings New Opportunities for Improvement


The Spring brings many things, such as playing with friends, warm weather, and everyone’s favorite, Ice cream! With the oncoming of Spring comes rebirth and a chance for rejuvenation for many of WHES’ own as the school enters the third, and final, marking period.. Before the third marking period though, students around WHES have to finish the second.

The third and final marking period is a great time for students to improve their grades before the Summer and make good impressions on their future teachers. If kids raise their grades in the second marking period, that can also make it easier to help their grades in the third. In addition to the positive outcomes of improving grades, there are, of course, some negative possibilities. In some households, parents might take away privileges for having bad grades. That can be bad for a kid in the Spring because their parents may take away ice cream, playing with friends, or no Easter candy! Students sometimes have to learn a lesson if they aren’t doing homework on purpose or are purposely getting bad grades. The third marking period is zooming in.

On March 27, children in Woodbury Heights will receive their report cards and the third marking period will start. If students have poor grades, they should use their time wisely in the next few months to fix their grades. Here are some tips to help to make the best of the final marking period of the 2018-2019 school year:

  1. You can get a parent, a teacher, or a friend to help you with schoolwork.
  2. Write a note to remind you to do homework or hand it in
  3. Finish your homework  before playing with your friends or playing video games.
  4. Always do your homework. Make sure to find time to do it.
  5. If you know that a certain day of your week will be busy, ask for the homework for that day so you can do it beforehand.