Hank Zipzer Niagara Falls Or Does It

Hank Zipzer Niagara Falls Or Does It

Nina P., Entertainment

Woodbury Heights Elementary School participated in a “One School, One Book” initiative again this year, in which every student and staff member participated in reading the same book. This year, the students read the book, “Hank Zipzer: Niagara Falls, or Does It?” by Henry Winkler.

The books were purchased by the Home and School Association for each student to read with their classmates. The students read a chapter everyday and enjoyed the pages that were filled with adventures and creativity. It also had lots of real life events along with things that usually wouldn’t happen in the fourth grade.

Along with reading the book, the “One School, One Book” initiative opened up opportunities such as  hanging out with book buddies, playing jeopardy, and decorating doors. First, the students where partnered with a book buddy and created a picture of them holding a book together.   Each grade was paired up with another grade and the teachers pared up a student from each grade to be buddies, 6-3rd, 5-2nd, and 4-1st. All of the older grades went to the younger kids classrooms for about thirty minutes to make a craft. Next, the students had an assembly and were quizzed about events in the book during a game of jeopardy with their book buddies. As a reward everyone received a pencil. .

The last event was a secret door decorating competition, run by Team Terrific. The students had to have certain requirements such as nine character traits, five quotes, five characters, and creativity, to create within two hours. There were three winners, Mrs. Chatten’s first grade class, Miss Harkin’s, and Mrs. DeVoy’s fifth grade classes. For example Mrs. DeVoy’s fifth grade class had a bowling alley that turned into a waterfall, plus 3D bowling balls. Miss Harkin’s door had a character peeking out from inside the window. Lastly Mrs. Chatten’s class had a 3D sun with pipe cleaners as sun rays. Overall this book gave WHES an opportunity to learn about responsibility, creativity, and individuality.