Christmas Parties

Christmas Parties

Brandon K. and Taylor O.

We’ve celebrated Christmas near the comfort of the fire and now we bring Christmas to school. At school, everyone celebrates Christmas different, but we celebrate in many ways such as parties and celebrations. We celebrate Christmas in different ways in school. We celebrate to spread the joy and happiness to all amazing people.


For example, In 1st grade, we made Grinch dust, out of Apple Jacks so we could keep the Grinch away. In 2nd grade,we watched a Christmas movie, while eating some delicious cookies. In 3rd grade,we watched a movie and we all eat candy canes. In 4th grade, we all played a Christmas game. In 5th grade, we played a game were someone dressed up in toilet paper as a snowman. The first person to get the toilet paper off the snowman first wins.


Every year, we also have a special celebration in our town, the town tree lighting. The 4th-6th graders are in chorus and also chorus sings at a retirement center on Tuesday and for the winter concert at school. The Woodbury Heights Chorus come this year and will sing 4 songs, Candy Cane Lane, Last Christmas,You’re a mean one Mr.Grinch, and Jingle Bells. When the chorus sings at school and at the retirement center.


There are about 30 people in the Woodbury Heights Chorus. The chorus is very fun to listen to, and it’s fun to get out of work in school to celebrate the joy of Christmas in many different ways. Be sure to listen to all these songs at school and have a Merry Christmas.