The positives and the negatives about homework

The positives and the negatives about homework

Eric C., Editor

According to, there are about 70% of students who don’t like schoolwork, but 56% of these people do not like homework. So, 44% of people are in favor of homework. Some people say that homework is a waste time. Does it really waste time, or is homework good for you? Other people say that homework is stressful, and takes time away from doing chores (if you have any chores). There can be positives, like how homework improves the knowledge you have.

There are some valuable  things about homework. For example, it builds responsibility and time management,  and it teaches you to plan ahead and persevere. Also, homework helps to build strength in your  brain. It can teach you things that can help later in life.  You may not think about this because it teaches you to work independently.

This is what 5th grade teacher Miss Harkins says about homework: “Homework is good and helpful when it reinforces what was taught in class.” That means if the homework relates to what is taught in class, it can be good for you to do.

There is also bad news about homework like the stress. According to, 56% of students are stressed over homework. Why is it so stressful to do homework? Well, the National Education Association (NEA) and the National PTA (NPTA) say that 1st graders should have approximately 10 minutes of homework each night and high school seniors  should have two hours of homework. But an average kindergarten has 25 minutes of homework. They shouldn’t have any homework at all. This is why it is stressful.

Everyone has different opinions or reactions to homework. Homework is both acceptable and dreadful. It all depends how basic (easy) it is and the quantity of homework. So next time you have homework, ask yourself “Is it really that much?”.  Is it easy or is it too hard? If it’s easy stop complaining and be happy that it’s easy. If it’s hard you could tell the teacher and they can make it easier or help/tutor you. But only you can decide if you like homework or not.