How To Take Better Pictures

Veronica M., Photographer

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Taking pictures is hard. You have to find the perfect camera. Some people use regular cameras and others may use a Polaroid camera.

Some people use a Polaroid camera because when you take a picture it comes out right away. The other side of that is a Polaroid camera uses up a lot of money. Polaroid film can be pretty pricey. The pictures are small so if you want the pictures bigger then what a Polaroid has, you’re better off just using a regular camera. A good thing about a regular camera is that it saves all of the pictures you take. The other side of that is you have to pay to get the pictures printed out unlike a Polaroid.

In order to take a high quality picture, stay away from the sun. If the sun is out, make sure the sun is behind you. If it is very cloudy, go somewhere where there is light, so it’s easier to take the picture. In order to have more light, you can put a mirror underneath the camera. Try to get the mirror to reflect the light towards you.  It will make the pictures to black and white and look old fashioned.

If you are taking pictures in a room, you want to have a curtain nearby, or a light on. Make sure you have a lot of light if you are taking a picture inside somewhere. Try to focus your camera on something with a lot of light reflecting on it. Lastly, if it is raining, it would look cool if you stand by a window where it is raining because it would be a really cool background.

These are some tips and tricks for how to take better pictures. I hope this will help better your hobby.

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