Spirit Club

spirit club



Taylor O. and Brandon K.

Do you know what Spirit Club is? Well, Spirit Club is a special club, where you make posters and put them around the school for fundraisers and spirit days. The people who run Spirit Club are Mrs. Lizza and Mrs.Selby. Here are some questions and answers for them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Q: How long have you both been doing spirit club?

A (Mrs.Lizza and Mrs. Selby): About 5 years.


Q: What do you both like most about spirit club?

A (Mrs.Lizza): See the students.

   (Mrs.Selby): Working with students after school.


Q: What is your favorite fundraiser that you’ve done over the year?

A (Mrs.Lizza):  Food drive because it helps people in our community.                        

   (Mrs.Selby): The money for Bianca’s Kids cause it helps students in our school.


Q: Do you both add new posters and fundraiser?

A (Mrs. Selby and Mrs. Lizza): Yes.


Q: What is both of your favorite part about spirit days?

A (Mrs.Lizza): To see how kids love it.

   (Mrs.Selby): Seeing everybody dressed up – even the teachers.

If you’re in 5th and 6th grade you can join Spirit club. The people who are in Spirit Club help and choose what fundraisers you can do. Now you know the background of Spirit Club  and hope you join.