Billy and his Rubik’s Cube Record

Sophia D., Entertainment reporter

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Have you ever been frustrated while trying to solve a Rubik’s cube? 

Billy B. one of the kids at Woodbury Heights Elementary School can solve a Rubik’s  cube so quick. Billy can solve a Rubik’s cube in 14 seconds. Now that’s impressive!


Q: What inspired you to solve Rubik cubes?

A: I got one for Christmas in 2017 and scrambled it. I got annoyed by going into my room and seeing a scrambled Rubik’s cube, so I looked up a video on how to solve it.

Q: How did you learn to memorize the order of the cube?

A: After I practiced for long enough my hands were used to doing the moves after my mind sees the orientation of the cube. I also just practiced every day I came home from school.

Q: What’s your highest’s score time? Do you think you can beat it?

A: My fastest time was 14 seconds and it was on Christmas Eve. I do not think I will ever beat it because I am out of practice. After not cubing during the summer, I have gotten significantly slower.

Q: So I heard for the talent show you solved 3 Rubik’s cubes. What was your time?

A: I don’t remember the exact time, but it was around 40 seconds.

Q: Did you use any apps to help you?

A: In the beginning, before I could solve a Rubik’s cube, I used an app to solve it, but now I just use YouTube for tutorials on getting faster.


Over all, Billy just wanted to learn all the stuff about Rubik’s cube. He wanted to set a goal for practicing and challenging himself to do the Rubik’s cube and solve it.




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