Lazy Lions or Wild Beast

Addi P., Illustrator

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Seeing lions in a zoo compared to in the wild is a whole different story. When any animal is put in the zoo they will change a little bit or a lot. Lions have to change because obviously zookeepers can’t have lions munching on people because they would be put down. Every animal still has a little bit of a wild side in them lions are known for being king of the jungle.


In Africa and other places out in the wild, lions depend on each other. They are the only social cats. Lions hunt in prides, some animals they target are buffalo, impala, hippopotamus, zebra and lots of others. They even eat each other! Clearly they are carnivores. Lions hunt these big animals because they have the numbers and because they can go up to 50 mph. Also because they have sharp teeth and long claws to grip even in the thickest coat like buffalo.


When lions hunt, females do all the work, male lions just guard the youngs, protect territory. Males get the first bite when females succeed in hunting. There are so many big cats in the wild and in the cat family but out of all, lions are the laziest. “They spend 16-20 hours sleeping.” Lions technique of hunting is stealth. They stalk their prey for a little while so it’s a success. Then they move closer, surround the prey and then sprint and grip on to the animals back and suffocate them by biting their necks.


Lions are very big animals! As adults, male lions weigh 420 pounds, and grow up to 3.9 feet in height. Females weigh 280, up to 3.6 feet in height. Lions have eyes that are meant for seeing in the dark. So they usually hunt at night. Lions mostly target hurt animals or old animals or newborns, loners to get the chance while they can. Over the years lions population has decreased by a lot. Poachers hunt them daily. They went from 200,000 to 20,000 today. Lions are extinct in 26 African countries! The big-clawed majestic lions are endangered.


Lions have been king of the jungle for centuries. Taking down some of the most biggest, strongest on land like elephants, buffalo. They can have 40 lions in a pride! Which is why they can take down such big animals. They are lazy by day but beast by night killing the most difficult, toughest animals on land. But still have to face poachers decreasing the population and habitat loss.

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