Kids on Christmas Eve and Day

Isabella S., Photographer

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On Christmas Eve, some people go and have a nice dinner. Before kids go to bed they leave out milk and cookies for Santa, and even something for the reindeer. As kids drift away to sleep, Old St. Nick is on his way. St. Nick lands on your roof and he slips down your chimney and finds his way to the tree. He leaves presents under your tree. After he is done he is off to other people’s houses.


Kids wake up to a nice Christmas morning. They rush downstairs and find presents that Old St. Nick had left. Some people get dressed looking nice to go to Christmas morning mass. Morning mass is church in the morning. Christmas morning mass lasts about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Some kids get excited to unwrap their gifts and sometimes they get what they didn’t ask for. St. Nick also leaves stuff in your stockings. A stocking is a sock that hangs over the fireplace and St. Nick leaves stuff in there. After Christmas is over people come over for a nice Christmas dinner. As kids get ready for bed, they get so sad that Christmas is over. But they know that St. Nick is always watching.

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