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That day was a very gloomy one. The fog was thick and dark. The street lights were flickering and a figure in a dark cloak walked down the street. The clicking of their brown and red boots made the situation lots and lots worse. Christmas is tomorrow and nobody had their lights on. Except for one. Good old jolly Stacy Peterson. Her lights were flashing bright red and green to spread the Christmas spirit. Christmas carols were being muffled by the thunder, but it became loud and clear when he opened up the door.

“Merry Christmas everyone! We will be sharing love through gifts this year. We will be playing games in a couple of minutes. So, put down your eggnog and your cookies too, and gather around,” Stacy said. Her Christmas Eve party was going great! Everyone she invited came to the party. Or did they?

“Stace! Little baby Aralia spilled her milk. Can you come help us?” She ran over, and picked up Aralia and took her to the bathroom to wash her off. Meanwhile down at the ranch, Stacy’s dad, Rob, was working on setting up the play set for the kids. Bang! A loud noise came from upstairs. Beep, beep, beep. The fire alarm was going off.

Every one fled the house. Rob remembered that Stacy and Aralia were trapped in the house. He grabbed the axe and cut through the door. He ran in grabbed Aralia, and Stacy followed. He started to cry when he saw the beautiful tree, covered in tinsel and ornaments, burn to ashes. They ran out of the house wondering who dunnit.

The firefighters rushed to the house so they could help the merry family, but they were too late. There was basically nothing left of the house. Stacy walked through the embers, ashes, and soot until she got up to the tree. Her tears were the only thing that shined in the house. Her eyes were flooding with tears when she saw that her mothers angel tree topper was burnt. Rob came in to tell Stacy that they would continue the party at his house.

The police and investigators came to the house the very next day and got right to work. The Peterson family still was having Christmas just without the presents. Ring ring, ring ring. The house phone was ringing. Stacy ran up the steps and picked up the phone. “Hello? Oh. Ok. I’ll be right there.” She put the phone on the stand, put on her shoes, and grabbed her jacket. In a flash she was gone.

She drove to her house where she was meeting up with officers. They all walked into her house. There was a man in gloves holding a large, but dead, explosive. “This is what started the fire,” he said, “there are some fingerprints on the bomb that we can test. Is there anyone that you think would do this to you?”  Stacy replied, “Yes, my ex-husband, but he left when Aralia was first born. Just run his finger prints and see what comes up.”

Four days later on another cold night Stacy got a phone call. It was Mike, her ex-husband. “Hello?” Stacy asked. “Hey, why did you tell the police I was a suspect. I’m at the jailhouse now, waiting to be proven innocent. They found two other boys who matched the fingerprints. I have to go, bye.” Beep. Stacy hung up on Mike.

Days went by, soon it was weeks, months, then a year passed by and still waiting for an answer. Pretty soon it was Aralia’s 3rd birthday. Aralia blew out her candles as Stacy started to hear a ticking sound. Tick tick tick. It wasn’t a watch nor a clock. What could it be. Boom! Oh, it was another bomb. Smoke and pieces of metal were everywhere. Everyone was interviewed by the police. They narrowed down the suspects to Jim, Stacy’s best friend from college, Richard, Rob’s best friend, and more surprising, Rob.  The two boys and Mike convicted before were set free.

The evidence they found at the site was Richards watch, a wig, and Mike’s phone. Which looked a lot like Rob’s phone. Which was weird because Rob hasn’t seen Stacy ever since the fire. Also, the wig looked a lot Mike’s hair. How could Mike be at the scene?

Wait the police found another clue. There was a fingerprint on the bomb. Richards fingerprint. They found his watch right next to the bomb.  They removed Rob and Jim from the list of suspects.

Unless Rob was someone else….

Richard was taken back to the station. Where he was supposed to meet Mike. Click Click Click. Richard’s bulky brown and red shoes were clicking down the hallway as he walked with Stacy. Stacy went into the conference room with the police. In the room the suspense was intense. Stacy was very sweaty and was twitching like crazy. Then after two minutes of being integrated she admitted that she set of the second bomb, but they still didn’t know who set off the first bomb.

The police had no idea who set off the first bomb, until Stacy gave them extra information. They brought Rob back to the station and he also admitted to something. He admitted that he was Mike, but he didn’t set off the first bomb. Someone finally got too stressed out and admitted to committing the first crime.

So who do you think did it?

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