8 Great Dog Movies

Sophia F. and Brianna B.

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Rainy day? Sleepover? Bored? Hanging with friends? We’ve all needed a good movie to watch in these situations. Better than a regular movie, dog movies! Who doesn’t love a good, snuggly puppy? If you do, these 8 dog movie recommendations are perfect for you!


  1. A Dog’s Purpose: An emotional movie about a dog that gets reincarnated multiple times, but in the end gets a happy ending.
  2. BOLT: An animated Disney film with a celebrity-dog with lightning bolt powers goes on an amazing adventure to find his owner.
  3. Beverly Hills Chihuahua: A pampered chihuahua get lost in a not-so-nice part of Mexico and has to find her way home.
  4. 101 Dalmatians: This classic film about a villain who kills dalmatians for clothing. It’s up to the dogs’ parents to save them.
  5. Alpha: Keda tries to survive in the wild all alone. He meets a wolf abandoned by its pack, and they work together to make it home before winter.
  6. The Secret Life Of Pets: When owners leave for the day, these pets show viewers what pets really do when you aren’t home.
  7. Cats and Dogs: Cats are trying to defeat vaccinations that help more people not be allergic to dogs. Cats and dogs work as secret agents against each other in the war that humans aren’t even aware of. Who will win?
  8. Air Bud: A high schooler’s father died, and now he has to adapt to living in a new place. He tries to join the basketball team, and realizes his dog is very good at it.


Hopefully, with these eight dog movies, you and your fellow animal loving friends will have a lot of great movies to watch. So, grab your popcorn and get ready to laugh, cry, and binge on these 8 great films.

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