Sophia D., Nick T., and Gavin K.

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Crabs are interesting animals. They have an outer shell to protect them from predators. Crabs live in the sea. Their scientific name is the Brachyura. Their average lifespan is 3 to 4 years.  Crabs have claws that can pinch you. Crabs came along in the Jurassic Period. That was about 200 million years ago. A crab is a part of the Crustacean and the Decopod family. Crabs lay eggs to reproduce. They lay from about 1,000 to 2,000 eggs at a time!

The pea crab is the smallest crab, measuring from 0.27 to 0.47 inches long, while the Japanese Spider crab is the biggest crab, measuring about 18 feet from claw to claw. On the other hand, Horseshoe crabs are not classified as crabs, they are actually closer to spiders and scorpions. A small boxer crab uses anemone to protect their claws. Some crabs live in crazy places. Some live in smoking volcanic vents in the ocean, thousands of feet below the surface. Some even live in trees and under ice in Antarctica! An earlier study shows that crabs don’t feel pain, but a more recent study shows that they do! Crabs could lose a claw in a fight, but it will grow back over time. Did you know that a group of crabs is called a cast?

In conclusion, crabs are a very interesting sea animal. All crabs are different. The smallest crab is about 0.47 inches long, and the biggest crab measures to about 18 feet from claw to claw. Some crabs put anemone on their claws to protect them, Horseshoe crabs are not actually classified as crabs. Some crabs even live in volcanic vents, under ice in Antarctica, and in trees. Crabs are very interesting. 



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