Who Did It? With Bailey The Dog

Who Did It? With Bailey The Dog

Brianna B. and Sophia F.

It was Christmas morning, and the Smith family was opening their presents. Olly got a drone, Xbox Pro, and Ellie got new school shoes, and a dog leash, which didn’t make sense because she didn’t have a dog. After opening her last present, it all made sense.

It was a service dog to help her see because Ellie was blind. Fluffy and cozy and ready to snuggle with. Though she couldn’t see him, she was so joyful. She decided to name her dog Bailey. Bailey was a black, white and brown Australian Shepherd. Even though it was mainly Ellie’s dog, the whole family loved Bailey with all of their hearts.

The family took Bailey outside to see if she was helpful to Ellie, and it turns out they were pretty perfect together! Olly was a little jealous because he didn’t get a dog, but he really wanted one. Their neighbors, the Harrisons were a very wealthy, rude, big-headed, annoyed family.  

They saw Bailey and Elie walking together, and unlike the normal neighbor, they were angry because they were afraid the dog would poop in their $15,000 beautifully landscaped lawn. They were highly intelligent lawyers and played it off as nice by helping their neighbors light their fireplace.

On the other side of their house they had another couple the Turners. They were another rich family with 4 Lamborghinis and 2 Ferraris. They were a dentist, and a firework scammer.  Mrs.Turner wore the most expensive rosewater perfume. The Turners weren’t very happy when the Smiths moved in because they didn’t think Ellie was worth enough for life.

Later that Christmas night, after filling their bellies with ham, eggnog, pudding, and corn, they all went out like lights. Bailey slept with Ellie, and all of a sudden her awesome senses kicked in. Bailey smelled rosewater perfume. There was a smoky scent around Ellie’s room, and she saw a bit of flame through the crack of the door. Bailey bounced out of bend and sprinted to Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s room.

She was barking super loudly to wake them up. Once they finally awoke they saw the flames and evacuated with their kids immediately. Both sets of neighbors were watching in horror, but the Smiths knew one of them were guilty.

The fire department came, and saved all the family’s lives. The neighbors were taken to court and used Bailey to help find out how was guilty. They ended up not figuring it out.

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