Chocolate Covered Pretzels



Lexi D., Illustrator

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One popular tradition throughout families is to celebrate Christmas with eating homemade treats. Here is a recipe that is simple but makes a very yummy snack that is good for the whole family. The snack is a pretzel dipped in gooey chocolate that is then covered in sprinkles.


  • Pretzels: can be any kind or shape
  • Candy Melts chocolate: it can be any color or flavor. I just decided to use green because it is the holiday season
  • Sprinkles: you can use any color, again since it is the holidays I used a holiday color

There are many different combinations of color to use, and you can make them for anything.


  • Pot: Candy Melt pot
  • Spoon
  • Wax paper

Set up your area and then you will be ready to start.

  1. Heat up your pot for 10 minutes on power 2.
  2. Next pour in your Candy Melts chocolate into the pot.
  3. Mix occasionally until all chocolate is turned into complete liquid.
  4. Then, turn the pot to power 1.
  5. Take a pretzel and dip it into the liquid chocolate, but be careful. Adult supervision is recommended when using this recipe.
  6. Put the chocolate covered pretzel on the wax paper and then sprinkle some sprinkles on the melted chocolate.
  7. Mix to keep the chocolate melted.
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 until all pretzels are used.

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