Gifts That Kids Get For Christmas

Veronica M. and Isabella S.

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Every year, kids get a bunch of new toys. Here is a list of what most kids get for Christmas.

When you have a baby,there are a lot of necessities they usually need. Little kids can get teethers, musical toys with lights and sounds, or a play mat.  They should have these things because it helps them learn and grow. A play mat can help with tummy time. Musical toys may help with talking and teethers help when their teeth grow in.


On the other hand, toddlers may get a lot different things. They may get a Leapfrog, a Lego set (to help with learning skills), little action figures, dolls, or even a tablet. They may even get a play set. They might get pajamas to keep them comfy. Toddlers need a lot too.


Seven to 10-year-olds usually ask for a lot because they are much older. Boys may get  scooters, Legos, and bicycles. They may even get bean bag chairs, blankets, or board games. Girls may get scooters, fun board games, or even dolls. Some girls even get fun beauty stuff.


Teens may get a lot of different things. Many teens love to take pictures and they may love to go on their phone. Some teens get a Polaroid camera and film, new phone, clothes, beauty stuff, fun video games, and more. Teens are a lot different because they are much older.


Thank you for reading this list. Maybe this will help you know what you want for Christmas or what you may get

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