3 DIY Christmas Gifts

Brianna B. and Sophia F.

Have you ever come across a perfect gift, but then you realize how expensive it is? We’ve all been there before, and a great way to give an awesome, inexpensive, easy gift is to DIY it! With these 3 DIY’s you’ll be covered this Christmas!

Broken CD Ornament
What you’ll need:
Clear Plastic Ornament
Hot Glue GunRibbon (optional)
1. Cut the CD in irregular small shapes
2. Glue them to the outside of the clear ornament
3. (optional) Fill the inside of the ornament with ribbon

Bead Bracelets
What you’ll need:

  1. Measure the string about an inch longer than the wearer’s wrist
  2.  String the beads and charms on the string in any pattern
  3.  Tie the end of the string tightly, so it doesn’t fall apart

Taped Quote Canvas
What you’ll need:
Masking Tape
Sponge Brush
Cup of water
1. Lightly brush water onto canvas
2. Paint the canvas in the color you want
3. Place tape in desired shape or words
4. Paint over that with new color
5. Let dry complete
6. Remove tape to reveal your shape