Get a Fidget

Get a Fidget

Skyla L., photo editor

You should get a fidget toy.  If you get a squishy toy, you can play with it in class to calm you down. Just don’t get in trouble. Make sure you ask your teacher.

There are three different kinds of squishy toys that you can play with in class.

The first one is called a Koosh Ball. It is round with a lot of strings coming out of the center. It is good for squashing. When you squish it, it is quiet so it doesn’t make a lot of noise. The ends of the strings are not pointy. If you like to play with strange things this is something you should get.

The second one is a Mesh Ball. It is a round ball with fishnet or mesh on the outside of it. It is filled with slime. When you squish it tiny balls of slime come out of the little mesh holes on the outside of the mesh ball. When you squish the mesh ball it relaxes you. I use this squishy toy a lot.

The last toy that you can use is a Fidget Spinner. A fidget spinner spins on your finger. You might want to ask your teacher if you can have it. The fidget spinner, if you spin it fast, can get loud. One time in 4th grade, I used a fidget spinner and my teacher got mad at me because I didn’t ask her and it was too loud. So I recommend you to ask your teacher.

Fidget toys give stress relief. You should use fidget toys to calm you down.